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Is Fantasy Baseball Fun?

Now that baseball season has completed a couple of weeks I figured I would do another fantasy sport opinion blog. In a past blog I commented on my experience in the land of fantasy basketball. If I may add, I am in the finals in my head to head league this week thanks to some key acquisitions off the waiver wire. This blog takes a look at fantasy baseball. Behind football, baseball is the second most popular fantasy sport played. It gives numbers crunchers games from morning till night, seven days a week. For hardcore fans the summer months of baseball are heaven, but what about casual fans? Is the day-to-day pressure and commitment too much? I asked my friend to help me out with this and his response is below:

Is Fantasy Baseball fun, boring, or a form of torture?

I just got through my first week in my first ever endeavor into Fantasy Baseball and I think it might be fun. It also may resemble watching paint dry one walk or strikeout at a time. Then again, I might me committed to 7 months of torture. I will give reason for each rationale and later in the season I will make a firm decision.

I really like that I can have fantasy players that can do well while the team they play for and I hate loses miserably. This is different in football where I literally can never pick Aaron Rogers because of my sheer hate for him as a die heart Vikings fan. In baseball I can pick an arch rival’s player and actually root for him and we only play them 20 times a season at most and he could go 4 for 4 with 3 solo homeruns and my team could still win. I also like the idea of making a somewhat boring sport more exciting with meticulous stat review. It also keeps me up on the only sport my Dad actually cares about.  As I have given up on most forms of gambling, fantasy baseball gives me a great way to sweat my $50 for 7 months. Longest bet ever!

Is there any chance they could add a shot clock? These games are long, even though this season I feel that the games may be finishing quicker than in recent years, they are hard to sit through. I love going to live baseball games for the atmosphere, but watching on TV has become almost unbearable.  Fantasy allows you to follow through numbers all the games on a day, but they lose their importance when they just appear on the computer screen. I must say I am not as excited about the behind the scenes of fantasy baseball. There is such build up for fantasy football, but with baseball, the everyday grind saps my interest in making trades, doing wire pickups, or saying rude things on the message board. The jury is out on this.

My league has some weird tweaks. The strikeouts are worth negative 3 points and literally sway the outcome of every match up in my league. I love big hitting and with that come big strikeout totals, which has tortured me early in the season. I also feel I would have to quit my job and neglect my family to keep up on all the happenings in the baseball world. Some people even play fantasy baseball with the minor leagues, WHAT!? My competitiveness will force me to stick with it and also could cause me to have a mental breakdown if I can’t figure out the tricks of this beast of a creation. 

I will revisit this argument later in the season, but I am committed no matter what.

Are you currently playing fantasy baseball? What is it about fantasy baseball you love or hate?

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10 thoughts on “Is Fantasy Baseball Fun?

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    Check out my thoughts on Fantasy Baseball

  2. Fantasy Baseball is tons of fun. Yeah it is a daily thing but honestly, how long does it take to set a lineup, that 90% of the time (injuries aside) is the same. People who complain about it, or don’t play because it is to involved are just lazy. Everyone plays on the internet at work and if they don’t check fantasy sports, they shouldn’t be playing. With the ability to customize leagues, it is possible to make it so there are no bench players (which is how i play). it allows people to forget about their team for a while (once again leaving out injuries) and not fall behind.

    I like fantasy baseball more than fantasy fooball for the fact that is it not just a once a week thing and that every day counts. plus it should be the most active of all the leagues which should add to the excitment.

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree with you, I love the daily grind. I know I take it a little too far with my time commitment, but whether you’re in for a few minutes a day or few hours, it provides daily entertainment. I can’t say I like it more than football though, the importance of the one game a week decisions and results are a little more meaningful. Baseball is a long season, and your only fantasy impact is sometimes 1 guy hitting 5th in a lineup and you only get to see results 3 or 4 at bats a game.

  3. I’m a huge fantasy basketball fan and have not signed up for fantasy baseball even though I want to. The excitement just is not there for me. Watching a Warriors and T-Wolves game vs watching a Pirates vs Orioles is really different. All 4 teams suck but at least we get constant change and scoring in the basketball.

  4. My Fantasy Baseball League is like a second job. It is a day to day lineup with head to head match ups every week. The killer is when your catcher takes a day off or there is a late scratch from the lineup and u can’t get to the computer in time to change your roster. It’s nuts but I love it! It’s great for fans who want to learn the players bc it keeps you involved all year long.

  5. -3 for a S/O? Talk about staying away from the big swingers. Is it still regular scoring throughout? I.e., 1 point per base.

    Fantasy baseball is fun because, unlike football, there’s always a game going on. It could be noon on a Tuesday and you can still have interest in a game. Unlike football where most of the action occurs between a six hour span of 1:00 to 7:00 on Sundays.

    I play in a league where you adjust your team weekly, not daily, so it’s much less of a chore. Set it and forget it. Or, in my case, set it and check the scores religiously every hour.

    • The points are pretty weird, but the league creator is a wacky guy. The league also pays bonuses at the end of the year for the team with the most pitcher wins, HR, and SB. I actually like the complexity. Here is the break down for points.

      Runs(R) 2
      Hits (H) 2
      Doubles (2B) 3
      Triples (3B) 4
      Home Runs (HR) 5
      Runs Batted In (RBI) 2
      Stolen Bases (SB) 2
      Caught Stealing (CS) -2
      Walks (BB) 2
      Strikeouts (K) -3
      Ground Into Double Play (GIDP) -1
      Hitting for the Cycle (CYC) 8
      Grand Slam Home Runs (SLAM) 11
      Pitchers Stat Category Value
      Innings Pitched (IP) .5
      Wins (W) 10
      Losses (L) -8
      Complete Games (CG) 10
      Shutouts (SHO) 15
      Saves (SV) 5
      Walks (BB) -1
      Strikeouts (K) 2
      No Hitters (NH) 50
      Perfect Games (PG) 100
      Blown Saves (BSV) -7

  6. Personally, I think no fantasy sport is quite as exciting as Fantasy Football. The fact that they do not play every week creates a good anticipation for Sundays.

  7. Thanks for all the comments guys, sounds like the opinions on fantasy baseball vary between you all. Since the summer is almost here it will be the only major sport to discuss until NFL kicks off.

  8. Steven Jeffries on said:

    I have to confess I’m not much for fantasy sports, nor mock drafts, etc. I do like “MLB The Show” on my Playstation!

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